aCar app has been acquired by Fuelly LLC.

Please visit here for more information!

aCar is an all-in-one app, for Android 2.1+ devices, to effectively track the fuel mileage and costs, maintenance, trips/mileages and general expenses of your vehicles.

Whether you want to track the fuel mileage, expenses or maintenance of your vehicles, or to simply know if your vehicles operate at their maximum performance, aCar is the right tool for you. Along with its user-friendly UI, aCar will provide you tons of detailed statistics, information and graphical charts/reports to inform you how your vehicles are performing at any given moment. You will never miss a maintenance service (be it changing air filter, engine oil or inspection, etc) using the highly customizable reminders even if aCar is not running. You can also track your trips (both business and non-business) and mileages in detail.

Checkout the complete features list for both the FREE and PRO editions...

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